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Additional Services

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Along with developing and designing premium properties throughout Africa. USP&E Investments provides supporting services for homes, offices, businesses, and large-scale development. Our team has all that you need to get your property renovated, constructed, staged and furnished with our additional services.

wooden furniture for sale in Africa

Composite Decking

USP&E Investments supplies and installs premium weather-resistant composite decking. Our decking projects consist of low-maintenance wood flooring alternatives that last longer, provide better performance and are safer for families and the environment.


Custom Made Furniture

USP&E Investments offers tailor-made furniture for homes, guest houses, hotels, businesses, and schools. Our furniture is made using only the highest-grade materials. All our furniture is hand crafted and designed in South Africa. 

Man Camp

Man Camps

USP&E Investments provides turnkey remote living for mines globally in the form of unique man camps. These offer mobile housing solutions for your mining team. Our Man Camps are developed to accommodate growing teams and are constructed from durable shipping containers. Each unit is capable of including locker rooms, showers, dining facilities, offices and living spaces. 

Mancamp housing for mining in africa

Containerised Accommodation

USP&E Investments takes shipping containers and repurposes them into elegant housing with all the modern amenities. These units can be used as a private residence, guest house or a unique office.


Architectural Designs

USP&E Investments provides full in-house architecture design. Our talented architects have decades of experience and their designs appear all over Africa. Will yours be next?


Signage & Marketing

USP&E Investments provides unique branding, signage and marketing services. Launch your brand or give it a face-lift with our marketing team.