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Securing Your Job Sites Perimeter

Perimeter fencing by USP&E Investments is the leading choice in fencing, especially when taking into account its many outstanding benefits. From its rigid design to the excellent visibility it provides.  This is a premium option when securing a job site perimeter. Many people are turning to us as their top choice in security fencing solutions today.

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Benefits Of Perimeter Fencing

Not only does having a fence around your job site help ensure that the valuable equipment and materials within are protected from theft, it also serves to increase security by ensuring unauthorized personnel do not gain unchecked access. By limiting the areas to which people can enter and there is less of a chance for any manner of dangers to affect on-site workers.


The main function of a work site fence is to keep people out. If you don’t have a physical boundary that makes it clear boundaries are in place, people will enter your work site with the notion that they can move freely and this may lead to accidents while they’re on your premises.

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USP&E Investments provide high-quality weather-resistant metal fencing for all applications, whether it is for job site security, home security or event security, we have the fencing solution for you. 

Our unique fencing offers access control and perimeter control to protect your business operations. This low-maintenance boundary control is ideal for commercial large-scale applications in all environments. Get your specialized perimeter fencing from USP&E Investments today. 


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