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These Peco Smart Bricks are portable and modular energy solutions that harness green energy from the sun. They have a lithium-ion battery to store the power generated by the solar panels. This is an eco-friendly solution for backup power for your home, office, or outdoor adventure. 

The Advantages of Peco Power Grid

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Smart Bricks

Smart Blocks

The Peco Blocks consist of the Solar Brick and the Storage Brick. This setup uses the electric energy from the sun and stores the energy in a lithium-ion battery. The stored energy is then made available to be used day or night. 

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Scalable Capabilities

The modular capabilities of the Peco Grid make growing your power setup simple. All components are integrated and compatible. As your power needs increase, simply add additional Smart Blocks and Solar Block. 

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Product Configurations

The Peco Grid is available in two configurations, Peco Lite 50 and the Peco Lite 80. These offerings include a Solar Block, Storage Block, Solar Cable, Complete Wiring kit and LED Lightbulbs. 

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