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Workforce Energy Solutions

Man Camps Backup Power

USP&E Investments have developed and manufactured ready-to-install power solutions for man camps. These units offer fast-track power for workforce housing for all industrial projects and activities. Our backup generator solutions are turnkey and fully equipped. 

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Getting Power To Your Man Camp

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Mining workers who live on site for months at a time rely on the mine site to provide electricity to their accommodation for day-to-day living. We provide both large and medium-sized generators to serve different energy requirements. 

Ideal for unexpected and on-site power failures such as load loss. Smaller sizes suitable for office use and larger, quiet ATS (Auto Start) models for larger buildings or small workforce housing. 

Backup generators for mining workforce housing are available at competitive prices, sizes and fuel types. 


Workforce Energy Solutions

Man Camps Solar Power

The Investments has designed and manufactured turnkey solar energy solutions for mine housing. These units provide fast track solar energy for worker housing for all industrial projects and activities. Our backup generator solutions are turnkey and fully equipped.

Solar PV

Powering Man Camps With Solar PV

Fast Solar Solutions

Not only is it frustrating when the mine grid is down, but it can negatively impact your mine and cause damage to your essential electrical equipment. A backup system for mines housing can be a great way of ensuring that vital functions of your business are not interrupted by blackouts as well as keeping your employees working peacefully at their posts.

So next time there is a blackout, our battery back-up systems can come in extremely handy especially if you have appliances and lights around your man camp or CCTV systems that rely on electricity to function.

Solar solutions for Africa.

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